Updated Vaping in the UK - leading the way....

I have updated this post today 1st November 2017

Vaping is not included in the Smokefree legislation in the UK.

That means, vapers may vape where smoking is prohibited.

This is a very important concept.

It means a no smoking sign does NOT mean no vaping. And a no vaping sign affixed near to a no smoking sign means the placement of it is in ignorance of the advisement of Public Authorities.

England has led the way in many things, historically. It has influenced attitudes of other countries, politically and morally and introduced new ideas. (Top ten Inventions)

I am hoping it will do it again. As far as getting a grip on the "problem" of vaping and vapers, it MUST be leading the way. Australia seems to be in the dark ages, and the USA, might soon be if they cannot realise how amazing vaping is and how it can be used to improve the lives of many.

But dark forces are still out to misinform the public about vaping. Link I am hoping that the acceptance in our UK parliament of vaping and vapers, will eventually muzzle the fear mongers. And spread the idea that vaping is a good thing to the rest of the world.

Here are some highlights (below) of the debate in Parliament that took place yesterday here in the UK.

It pleased the vaping half of me - and also the smoker part of me. In fact recently, I have decided that modern smokers are very lucky to have vaping as a tool when smoking is forbidden. That was not available to me when I was persecuted all those years for smoking.

And the new advice that vaping not be included in smoking bans, is VERY good.

It gives, even the most hardened smoker, a way out and leaves them with some dignity.

It would have made me, the smoker, far less bitter!

May the United Kingdom lead the way again.