Part 1. Please Read Our Declaration Before Making Update

Declaration: Firmware update for the Ohm Boy Rage Squonk is at customers' option. If you choose to make the update, please make sure you understand and strictly follow the below steps that we've validated and be careful of the notes. Desire Design is not responsible for any product issues caused by the firmware update.


Part 2. What Are the Updates?

  • Added the display of battery life. In the case of power off, long press the fire button 2s, it will display the battery life of BAT1 and BAT2;
  • Optimized the battery life display;
  • Added the display of version in sub-menu.
  • Added the warning of unbalanced battery power. When the voltage difference between the two batteries is over 0.2V, it will display the warning UNBALANCE BATTERY while charging.
  • Updated the display text "SAME" to "OLD" on the menu when identifying new vaporizer;
  • Optimized quiescent current, lengthen battery life;
  • Added the warning of low-temperature. When the environment temperature is lower than -10℃,it displays "DEVICE TOO COOL".


Part 3. Operation Steps to Update Firmware and Some Notes

1). Download the firmware program by clicking the below [Download] button (which is generally mis-considered as a Trojan virus by the antivirus program on the computer and would be segregated; if no, skip to the third step);

Note: Windows-based operating system required.

2). Find back the segregated firmware program;

3). Open the firmware program "en78 update v18062601-rm" and the program window pops up;

4). Remove the battery from Rage; Connect the MicroUSB cable with Rage and computer while pressing down the UP and Down key;

5). In the firmware program window, the [Start] button will highlights once the computer detected the Rage; Click [Start] to start the firmware update and then release the UP and DOWN key;

Note: Do not disconnect the USB cable or close the program window in the process of updating.

6). Update finishes as the progress bar gets full; Pull off the USB cable and install the battery into Rage, it works.

Note: RAGE can not work or power on if disconnecting the USB cable or closing the program in the process of updating. In this case, please repeat the above steps to re-start the update.

Download Desire Design Rage Firmware Update Program

Part 4. Video of OhmBoy Rage Mod Firmware Updating Operation


                Rage firmware update popup

                                                         The firmware program window